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BlackBelt Teacher Training Course
~ International Bujinkan Dojo Association Approved ~

We are Living in Uncertain Times!

You Must Train More!

This 1,000+ yr old way of living and surviving training system was established in times of uncertainty has been battle tested and has lasted throughout generations is now designed to guide you and your family through current times. Give yourself the edge with martial skill,  physical health, emotional confidence, mental focus, and spiritual presence. 

Strategically Designed for both Beginners and Seasoned Blackbelts. 


Learn the Art of Awareness _ Body Conditioning _ Punching _ Kicking _ Postures _ Grappling _ Rolling _ Spiritual Refinement _ Stealth Meditation _ Sword _ Inner Power _ Shinobi Iri _ Chokes _Throws _ Submission _ Exotic Weapons_ Kuji-Kiri and Much, Much More!! 


Complete 20 Year Program Ninjutsu Master Course Access from day one OR

 Step-by-Step Time delivered study Ninpo Taijutsu BlackBelt / Teachers Course. 

Your Choice! Just Start Training!! 

STUCK AT HOME? We Feel You! Earn a BlackBelt with your extra time. 
Get the Accelerated BlackBelt Certified Teachers Program

or If on a low budget 
Train with us for FREE in the Ninja Dojo for the First Month (30 DAYS) - How cool is that?
Then continue for 
Only $25- month! 

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Be sure to check out the "ALL IN" LIFETIME- One Payment Option Special 
where you get complete access to over 20 years of study with the, all from day one. We are the Standard and Pioneers of distance learning since 1990.
Time Tested and Proven System.  
Save so much money with the Online Version.
Instant Acess and no Vat for Online training!

Already a Blackbelt in Another Martial Art? 
Get the Accelerated BlackBelt Certified Teachers Program
- Also offered to Bujinkan BlackBelts that now want to join IBDA because Hatsumi-Sensei retired and passed the Sokeships on. Take the accelerated path to Shidoshi by learning our material so that you can be certified to teach it. 

We at IBDA "International Bujinkan Dojo Association Since 1991) do offer much more and a comprehensive Bujinkan Ancient Arts Way of Ninpo Taijutsu Curriculum than anyone that we know.

The IBDA Accelerated Teachers Training Course is ONLY for already experienced martial artists that want to become a certified BlackBelt instructor in the shortest time possible with the SAME strategic step-by-step learning and teaching program that normally takes at least 1 year or two longer. 

You know how to train and you have already proven yourself to excel in the martial arts. We recognize that and want to give you a quicker path to becoming a teacher. Perhaps you want to open a dojo or do an online dojo and earn a great income doing something that you love.

Just because you will be allowed to go faster does not mean that you will learn less or be allowed to skip things. We have a solid standard and we want your grade to mean something. We pioneered distance learning! Since 1991.... This is a PROVEN and effective feedback system. 
In this Accelerated Ninpo Taijutsu BlackBelt Teachers Training Package is EVERYTHING that you need to get your 1st degree Blackbelt and upon passing can immediately become a fully licensed Ninjutsu/Ninpo Taijutsu instructor- known as a Shidoshi-Ho, a teacher of the warrior ways of Enlightened Empowerment".
SHARE THE ARTS and Do what you love for a living!!

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Worlds Most Comprehensive
Bujinkan Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu
Study/Reference Library
at your fingertips.

Great for Instructors or Students!!
This multi-course 9th kyu to Godan (5th Degree)/Teacher Training is for those that want to have TOTAL CONTROL over their OWN training and ACCELERATE their learning curve.

Study Anytime! - Study Anywhere! Instant Access! 
Save Money! No Shipping Fees! No Vat Fees!

The Entire University IBDA Master Teacher program Bujinkan Ninjutsu_Budo Taijutsu Masters Course Material (as shown in the Physical Course image below) 
Plus so much, much more being added all the time is already waiting for you in the ONLINE NinjaDojo Portal Training. 

Time delivered study Shodan Course OR Complete Access from day one. Your Choice!

Be sure to check out the "ALL IN" LIFETIME- One Payment Option Special 
where you get complete access to over 20 years of study with the, all from day one.
Save so much money with the Online Version.

IBDA… International Bujinkan Dojo Association is different. Our rank grading is extremely comprehensive - strategic and in Ninpo Taijutsu. We have just revolutionized our training and taking it to the next level. 


In a nutshell this is the lifestyle path that IBDA BUJINKAN DOJO ASSOCIATION offers.


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